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Illuminate the Evolution

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Solar Panel Installation Byron Bay
Electrical Circut Board Installaion Byron Bay
LED Download Lights Installation Byron Bay

At Evolved Well Solar and Electrical, Steven and his team specialise in on and off Grid Solar, Switchboard upgrades and LED lighting within the domestic, commercial and industrial fields.

Starting out in the Solar industry over 10 years ago and keen to leave a positive impact on the environment Steven and the team at Evolved Well are conscientious Eco warriors at heart.

"We have taken on the responsibility and level of professionalism required to install your solar systems as safely and efficiently as possible. No short-cuts and no compromises to safety!”

Another important aspect of Electrical, close to the heart of Steven and the team are switchboard installation and maintenance.

At Evolved Well we take great pride in ensuring you and your family or staff are safe, replacing outdated fuses, circuit breakers, faulty earthing systems and asbestos boards with brand new, industry leading equipment.

“Time and Time again, we see outdated safety devices and dangerous switchboards that have been neglected or tampered with and needing urgent attention."

LED lighting has taken off in the past few years and we are totally on board with this new and exciting technology. It is a fantastic way to update your lighting with stylish, long lasting and energy efficient solutions through out your home, office or business premises!

Ranging from down lights in the home, office fluros, carpark lighting to factory high bays, let us provide you with a fantastic, modern energy saving solution today!

"We love lighting the way! As our slogan suggests “illuminate the evolution” we are here to make a difference and cast out the shadows with new and innovative technology!"

Our story

Solar systems northern rivers

Steven Hord – Founder & Director

Being a passionate electrician, wellness coach, health advocate and committed to evolving consciousness on the planet, Steven found himself heading into the depths of the jungle in Peru in search of something to join all the dots together.

Two weeks later he emerged and Evolved Well was born. Over many years this has morphed into a few business ventures until finally grounding in with the newly formed Evolved Well Solar and Electrical.

The perfect amalgamation of all the values, beliefs and skill sets that Steven posses.

After traveling the world BASE jumping, Skydiving, Surfing and in search of universal oneness Steven has chosen to Birth Evolved Well at his chosen home in the Byron Bay Hinterland, in Upper Wilsons Creek.

“I had a conversation with dad not that long ago, and I said if I had 100 million in the bank- I would still be here! This is my home and the perfect place to build long term relationships both in Business and with the conscious community. I feels right.”

We have landed and are here for the long term. We plan to evolve with the town and its people, providing safe, efficient an  on going service in the solar and electrical industry for years to come.

A big AHO! – Steven 😀

“I love walking down the street and connecting in with the family who we just installed safety switches for, or playing chess in the home we installed a solar system on!”

What our clients are saying…

Greetings Steven…So, welcome to Mullum and the amazing community here. It was so lovely meet you also and I’ll be sure to pass on my recommendations, particularly to Beta.

Thank you for your informed, efficient and friendly service.”


“Hi Steve…Fantastic job you have done, thank you so much!!  God bless you!! Once again, thank you for your professional and efficient service.”

Tracey Martin

“I was pleasantly and happily surprised by the high quality of work completed by Evolved Well Solar. When we were looking for solar suppliers we saw many ads for solar that were extremely cheap. Calling up some of these companies felt like talking to a machine, and the parts offered when we checked were of a low grade and came with minimal warranties. However Evolved Well solar is simply in a completely different category. They offered us the highest quality parts, long warranties, and also spent time working out the best possible solution and configuration for our limited roof space. And the pricing was very reasonable for such high quality parts and workmanship. I am happy to recommend them.”

Derek E

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